St Helen’s Church, Waddington

Walsh IBS became aware of the financial struggles that St Helen’s Church, Waddington, was experiencing.

The church is the centre of a local village. Part of it had become unusable for the community due to failures with the heating system and insufficient resources for repairs.

Walsh provided the labour and equipment for the repairs and also installed new equipment for the church. The Vicar was delighted with the new warmth and thanked Walsh for coming to the rescue.

Walsh also decided to support the church in its fundraising activities so monies could be raised for building maintenance of local community outreach programmes.

Therefore, we supplied high-vis jackets, safety equipment and a generator. We also donated many man-hours during numerous fundraising events, including a Duck Race for village children, a home-made boat race, provision of a food stall and litter collection throughout the village.

Walsh also approached local businesses and suppliers to take an active part in fundraising activities and to increase their awareness of the role of the church in the local community.

Furthermore, Walsh arranged for the restoration of the benches in the churchyard, providing welcoming rest areas for residents and visitors.

In addition to this, we also supplied signage at the entrance to the churchyard.

Walsh continues to financially support the church as an ongoing commitment.

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