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What our clients say about us

Dear Ian
Just a short note to acknowledge on behalf of myself and my colleagues within the Estates Department, the success in the formation of the new Surgical Intensive Care Unit. I have been inundated with many expressions complimenting the overall design and in particular the high quality achieved with the finishes. I was personally pleased with the co-ordination of all electrical tradesmen from the inception to the completion of the scheme. I was also grateful to you for your response to the many client instructions and the speedy turn round of the works.
You will now appreciate how critical it is for the safe transfer of the type of patients cared for in the unit and this was a major concern to all involved. With your excellent co-ordination and pre-planning the transfer of patients was completed without any problems. Such poorly patients need a facility where they can be cared for and monitored on a daily basis and this has been delivered.
I would also like to thank all the electricians who worked on site during the contract works. They should all be commended in the way they carried out their duties on site and responded to the user requirements. I’m sure they would be pleased to see of this letter.
On behalf of the Estates Department and Facilities Directorate I would like to thank you for your personal involvement and in particular in the way you supported your staff on site.
I very much hope this letter finds you well and in the future there may be other opportunities for you to work with the Trust again.
Yours Sincerely
S M Parr
Captial and Contracts Officer

We confirm that Walsh Integrated Building Services Ltd recently completed a combined Mechanical & Electrical Design and Build installation contract of approximately half a million pounds based on a Performance specification produced by us.
Based on their performance on that contract and other contract works completed for us we would have no reservations in recommending them for other Mechanical & Electrical contract works.
Should further detailed information be required this will be provided on request.
Yours faithfully
The Blezard Partnership
W. Atkinson
Managing Partner

Dear Ian
In response to the successful out come of the refurbishment works to the above premises and the outstanding effort made in this project I write to thank all members of your team in this endeavor.
In particular I would like to make a special consideration in relation to the lifting to the IT cabinets. We tasked the team take on a very risky element of works which the bank considered to be highly important and formed part of its central communication system. The team took on the lifting of the old kit to a new high level computer floor. It was a pleasure to deal with a group of professional organization’s who took this risky element of the project through to a successful conclusion.
The bank will be taking on this process as a model to complete other sensitive reorganizations of IT kit through out the network.
Many Thanks
Stewart Gregory RIBA

Ref: Walsh Integrated Building Services Ltd
Dear Sirs
The above named company have recently completed a full Mechanical and Electrical installation into a new multi – tier racking installation at our new East London storage facility, with a value of £1.5m. The contract included the full design, installation of a lighting system, power supplies, and an LPC approved fire detection system, together with the fitting of trace heating and lagging for the sprinkler system.
Their performance and attitude to the task was carried out in a very professional and efficient manner. Their workforce worked well with all other trades, any technical problems that occurred were solved quickly and efficiently. The contract was completed within the programme and within budget.
We have used Walsh on many previous occasions on similar contracts and would have no hesitation in recommending them for any future contracts that may occur.
Yours faithfully
I C Simpson
Facilities Manager

Dear Mr Walsh
The above group consists of Principal Architects, our six main contractors and Havelock Europa.
We met yesterday and discussed the current programme, particularly in terms of performance.
Without exception, all parties agreed that your collective performance as both Mechanical and Electrical sub-contractors has been first rate, in fact, the highlight of the programme.
As you know, we need to re-issue the model tender this Autumn, firstly to align with the main contractors’ model tender and secondly, to incorporate the many helpful suggestions for change we have received.
The purpose of this letter is twofold; firstly to thank you for your professionalism and hard work to date and in anticipation for the remainder of the programme. Secondly to assure you that we will take this high level of performance into account when evaluating the results of the next tender exercise.
Thank you again, it is a great pleasure to hear such good news.
Yours sincerely
A J Arthur
Head of Architecture & Technical Services