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Company Quality Policy

It is the policy of Walsh IBS and it’s employees to actively and continuously improve on the processes and services that the Company provides and that installations and services conform to the requirements set out by current legislation; that we exceed the expectations of our customers by maintaining a quality system that facilitates trace-ability and accountability. The company as a whole entity has a dedicated commitment to achieving the highest standard of individual and corporate excellence required making this policy a reality.  The responsibility for quality is with every individual in the Company.

Once contract specifications are agreed with the client, then each person in the company will ensure that his or her responsibilities are concluded and to verify that the work is completed right, the first time.

Quality belongs with everyone in the Company. Therefore in order to give the client every assurance, all Company activities will be subject to an independent audit.  Subsequent audit reports will produce the evidence to the client that this organisation provides a standard of excellence that is acknowledged across the industry.


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“…without exception, all parties agreed that your collective performance as both Mechanical and Electrical sub-contractors has been first rate, in fact, the highlight of the programme…”

– A J Arthur – Head of Architecture & Technical Services – Lloyds TSB